American Assassin (2017)

This Lionsgate project was an attempt to launch a new action franchise around the character of Mitch Rapp, played by Dylan O’Brien, as originally introduced in a series of novels by Vince Flynn. The score that emerged in collaboration with the director Michael Cuesta was driven by drums and guitar, combined with the orchestra and a fair amount of extra-musical electronic touches, particularly around the character of Ghost. We had a shared love of various rock records, spending far too much time sharing stories about favourite albums and gigs, and that had an influence on some of the textural guitar work that I ended up doing for the project. The film didn’t really take off with either critics or a big audience, but it still seems to pop up around the place and I still hold out a small hope Dylan O’Brien gets to develop the role further at some point in the future, as it felt like we were all just getting started.