Our Planet – Netflix (2019)

Perhaps one of the most important shows I’ve yet been involved with, Our Planet was a series of eight films that sought to celebrate the diversity of life on this planet whilst, for the first time in a show like this, discussing in detail the challenges the planet faces. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, each of the eight films required around 50 minutes of score, all of which was written and recorded over a nine month period during 2018. I also co-wrote and produced a song for the show with the UK artist Ellie Goulding. The films, and therefore the scores, were extremely emotional in content and seemed to have an immediate impact when they were first released on Netflix in April 2019. The shows were the start of a wider campaign that continued with a series of short films on ourplanet.com in 2019, and further productions in 2020 that expand upon the original productions. The music for the show, which was nominated for two Primetime Emmy awards, is also to be the basis of a live arena concert tour, beginning in the UK in October 2020.

It has become increasingly clear that the future of Our Planet is the biggest issue of our age, and to be a part of this campaign has been a huge honour, and something I will be continuing in the future.