Gravity (2013)

A film and experience I will always be grateful for. When I was introduced to Alfonso Cuaron for a conversation about the hugely ambitious film he was making, pretty much his first words to me were that “I hate film music”, and the challenge was born to find a new musical language that would merge seamlessly with his ever shifting weightless camerawork, and to capture the
experience of the astronauts musically in the soundless vacuum of space. The most intense and experimental experience. When we were mixing the score a synth blew up whilst I was processing a trumpet through it. At the session where we recorded that trumpet originally I’d been gutted that it didn’t sound as I had dreamt it would. When the synth died, it made a great, indescribable and unrepeatable sound turning that moment into one of my favourite parts of the score, and somehow bringing something new and emotional to the picture. It was the sort of project where those sort of things happened.